Cooking with Gas – Getting Your Natural Gas Deal

These informative two-day workshops were held in 4 locations – Prince George, Nanaimo, Prince Rupert and Vancouver, BC. The workshops were designed to support First Nations capacity to engage in Impact Benefit Agreement negotiations (IBA) with West Coast Energy Infrastructure proponents (natural gas).

These workshops focused on:

  1. Explaining the natural gas process from exploration, production, transportation, liquefied natural gas (LNG) to reclamation.
  2. Discussing the potential economic development and opportunities for Aboriginal communities; and
  3. Understanding IBA negotiations process including its frameworks and strategies.

Participant engagement in the workshop was encouraged via lively discussions, active question periods and brief group activities. There was significant dialogue and input by the participants and numerous questions were asked throughout the workshop demonstrating a high level of engagement.

Based on participant feedback, sessions succeeded in providing improved understanding of the natural gas sector and were given in a manner that was easily understood. Participants commented on the value of the workshops and indicated they would recommend them to friends and colleagues. NAEPA would like to thank all participants for their involvement in these workshops.


“Very good coverage addressing the main concerns related to LNG”
“Excellent explanation with clear and easy language about natural gas”
“Can’t think of any way to improve the workshop”
“Instructors were very informative and answered all questions”


P. Jerry Asp: President, C3 Alliance Corp.

Asp is the former Chief of the Tahltan First Nation, founder of the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation, and is a founder and past Vice President of the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association. He negotiated the first Impact and Benefits Agreement in BC in 1988 between the owners of the Golden Bear Mine and the Tahltan Nation. He has been a key contributor to many significant economic development projects between Aboriginal Peoples and the business sector. Indigenous Peoples, resource developers and governments throughout North and South America seek his resource development consulting expertise.

Flavio Caron: Interim Executive Director, National Aboriginal Energy & Power Association

As the son of an Ojibway mother and Italian-Canadian father, Flavio has grown up in two worlds, and is thankful for what they both bring to his perspectives on life, business and happiness. Flavio’s life has been immersed in all aspects of entrepreneurship, through the operation of many businesses to the training of others to succeed in their ventures. As a speaker and trainer, Flavio has contributed to the successes of thousands of businesses through his dedication to passion, planning and persistence. Relationship building is the cornerstone to his training philosophy: where individuals, organizations, communities and Nations learn and prosper through the common spirit of understanding.

Dr. Vic Levson, Ph.D., P.Geo: President of Quaternary Geosciences Inc.

Vic has over 30 years of experience working with government, industry (mineral, gas, pipeline and energy companies) and universities. Vic worked in various positions with the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines for 20 years culminating in the position of Executive Director of Resource Development and Geosciences in the Oil and Gas Division. He has worked on a number of gas exploration proposals in British Columbia and several major proposed gas pipeline projects and he also has extensive experience in mineral exploration. He has M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Geology from the University of Alberta and he is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria. He also teaches courses in Environmental Technology and Geology at Camosun College. Dr. Levson has published over 150 scientific papers, maps and reports on a variety of geological subjects. He has given numerous public presentations and workshops at scientific and industry conferences, government and public meetings and in university and college settings.

Justin Himmelright, R.P. Bio., M. Eng.: President of Sidena Consulting Ltd.

Justin is an environmental professional with more than 20 years of experience in securing environmental permits and social license for industrial projects. He is an expert in environmental assessment and community consultation. He has experience as part of an executive team in the ongoing development of a large zinc and lead mine in the Yukon and the expansion and restart of a zinc and lead mine in Nova Scotia. Corporate officer with responsibilities to lead environmental licensing, Impact-Benefit negotiations with First Nations, and development of company wide Environment and Community Affairs capacity. Tasks include establishing and implementing policy, strategy, and procedures, staffing and development of the E&CA department, providing leadership to department staff, and communications with the CEO and Board of Directors on environmental, First Nations, and community matters.

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