About the National Aboriginal Energy and Power Association

The National Energy and Power Association mission is to contribute to the advancement of economic development through support, facilitation, and promotion of an economically and environmentally sustainable Aboriginal energy and power sector. The Association will deliver conferences, symposiums and workshops focused on the power production, transmission, and oil and gas sectors with a key focus on Aboriginal community engagement and business development. NAEPA events will provide unique opportunities to share information and provide a broad scope of networking opportunities for Aboriginal peoples, mining, energy and power companies and governments. Conferences will focus on the positive exchange of knowledge and information related to energy production, transmission, and oil and gas development and operation that balances social, economic and environmental needs through inclusive processes.

National Aboriginal Energy and Power Association’s Senior Management Team

Keith Matthew, President & Chief Executive Officer

Keith Matthew is a member of the Simpcw First Nation and is a former chief of the Simpcw First Nation. He served for five years as chief and five years as Councillor up until December 2010. As a Councillor and Chief with his community he was responsible for economic development and was instrumental developing a business relationship with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and helped negotiate ownership in a $7 million heli-skiing lodge. He was the chief negotiator with Kinder Morgan Canada and Canadian Hydro Developers and delivered impact benefit agreements to the community with those companies. He also led discussions on a forest and range agreement that provides fibre and resources for the Simpcw First Nation and its legal entities. As chief he also was responsible for negotiations but also oversaw the successful delivery of the impact benefit agreements referendum and benefits to his community. In order to take advantage of the opportunities there was also the creation of Simpcw Resources Ltd. and the creation of Simpcw Heritage Trust to manage own source revenues into the future for the upcoming generations of Simpcw youth and their grandchildren. More recently a successful negotiation with Commerce Resources yielded an exploration agreement that will see the mining exploration company work with the Simpcw First Nation to bring economic benefits and contract opportunities to the community. He is also involved in the startup of Ketop Development Inc. which is a company that will work with First Nations communities on developing and utilizing their first nations lands to their fullest economic potential. He is also currently on the board of advisors for Yellowhead Mining. He has his own company Seklep Business Services and recently signed an agreement with Lake Babine Nation to negotiate an impact benefit agreement with one of Canada’s leading pipeline companies. He is also lead negotiator with mining exploration companies and other mining companies that are involved in starting up their respective operations on LBN territory

Patrick Kelly T’sotse’en, Honorary Chair

Patrick Kelly is a member of the Leq:amel First Nation (Sto:lo Nation). He operates a consulting business and was Advisor and Director of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. In September 2012 he completed a five-year term as Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of BC. In December 2010, Patrick Kelly was appointed the Governor of the Law Foundation of BC. In September of 2012 Patrick become a member of the Banff Centre Indigenous Program Council that he co-chairs. Patrick is a member of the UVic Gustavson School of Business International Advisory Board and the UBC Sauder School of Business Ch’nook Indigenous Business Advisory Board. Patrick is also on the Board of Directors of the Victoria Foundation and British Columbia Golf.

Flavio Caron, Executive Director

As the son of an Ojibway mother and Italian-Canadian father, Flavio has grown up in two worlds, and is thankful for what they both bring to his perspectives on life, business and happiness. Flavio’s life has been immersed in all aspects of entrepreneurship, through the operation of many businesses to the training of others to succeed in their ventures. As a speaker and trainer, Flavio has contributed to the successes of thousands of businesses through his dedication to passion, planning and persistence. Relationship building is the cornerstone to his training philosophy: where individuals, organizations, communities and Nations learn and prosper through the common spirit of understanding.

J. Paul Stevenson, Director

J. Paul Stevenson is the CEO of Sego Resources Inc. a company exploring a copper-gold porphyry project near Princeton, BC.  He is an Elder with the Vancouver Metis Community Association and is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Kevin Wilson, Board Member

Kevin Wilson is a Director of Oil & Gas for Stantec Consulting.  Kevin has worked directly for First Nations and as an active member of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association managed the MSD Corporation for the Mikisew Cree First Nation. He served as Technical Director for the Athabasca Tribal Corporation.  Kevin has been leading diverse international teams of professionals in Canada and abroad and brings a passion for relationship building, cross cultural engagement and long-term capacity building.